Master of Science in
Environmental Health and Safety

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Program Details



Graduation & Degree

Program Details

Program Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

This program is designed to prepare highly dynamic and talented individuals with the knowledge required for a successful career in environment-related sectors. Upon successful completion of the program, students should be able to:

  • Apply advanced knowledge from a variety of environmental/health related science disciplines to view environmental health in an integrated approach to improve health protection;
  • Evaluate the impact of environmental stress on the health and safety of nature (ecosystems), as well as on the physical health and social well-being of humans;
  • Analyze contemporary environmental health and safety issues in a local and regional context;
  • Develop strategies and solutions to tackle environmental problems through class activities, seminars and site visits at government and/ or private sectors.


Study Mode

Full-time or part-time

Program Duration

1 year for full-time; 2 years for part-time


Course Works 

Year 2020-21: Students are required to complete at least 30 credits of course works, with 12 credits of foundation courses and 18 credits of elective courses.

Year 2019-20: Students are required to complete at least 30 credits of course works, with 15 credits of foundation courses and 15 credits of elective courses.

*Part-time students may take a maximum of 9 credits each semester.


Class Hours

Weekday evenings from 6:30pm to 9:20pm; Saturday afternoons.


Teaching Venue
HKUST Campus, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong.

Medium of Instruction
All lectures and teaching materials are in English.