Master of Science in
Environmental Health and Safety


Alumni Sharing

Alumni Sharing


XIE Chongxuan, Class of 2018, 
Academic Excellence Scholarship Awardee

EHS Administrator 
Dongguan Industrial Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

I like a Japanese tune called “The Song for The Lights on Fishing Boats” while I would like to give this name to the days in UST EHS Program. UST faces to the sea as a heaven for the students, like the Clear Water Bay as the heaven for the fishing boats. The days in EHS Program light up the rosin torches of my dream to become a person who can devote the whole life to help the other being suffered by paint and diseases. I got a deeper understanding in pharmacology, microbiology, and the relation between environment and human health, acting as the foundation for my dream. From now on, I won’t stop but seeking a way to achieve my goal.


ZHANG Shuting, Class of 2018
Engineering Consultant 
Guangdong Guangzi International Engineering Investment Consultants Co., Ltd.

This program allows me to gain invaluable knowledge from professors who used real-life examples as part of their teaching. In the past year, the EHS program conducts many field trips for students, such as conserve parks and treatment plants in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province to broaden our horizon. Secondly, our professors invited officers and consultants from the government organizations and well-known enterprises to show us the international laws and regulations about environmental protection, health and safety. I treasure the lectures and chances of site visits which definitely gave me invaluable insights and help me in my future career.


POON Chung Yan Kitty, Class of 2018
PhD Student
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The EHS program offers me a truly inspiring 1-year learning experience. The program has not only equipped me with a variety of health and environmental related science disciplines, but more importantly, the competence to analyse problems thoroughly and learn quickly. These skills are helpful and important for my coming PhD study and future career. 

EHS is a supportive and warm community where you can always get guidance and inspiration from professors and professionals in related sectors. You can definitely explore different academic interests and career throughout the study of the EHS program. I am grateful to be part of the EHS family. 

I have been studying at HKUST for 6 years. Throughout these 6 years, I got my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry and Master of Science in Environmental Health and Safety. Now, I am going to start my 3-year PhD study here. My research interest focuses on the nanoporous metal and its environmental applications. I love HKUST and here is definitely my second.


LIU Wenchao, Class of 2018
Research Assistant
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The year in HKUST was short but substantial. HKUST has a strong atmosphere of scientific research and abundant and practical learning facilities. The school also pays great attention to our physical and mental health, providing students with public facilities such as gyms, swimming pools and school hospitals. The course schedule of MSc EHS is reasonable and compact, which provides a lot of fundamental knowledge in our major. In particular, the course Research Project provides us with a good opportunity to learn experimental skills. I joined the laboratory for systematic training of experimental skills, which made me have a deeper understanding of this major and learned many advanced scientific technologies and research means, which laid a good foundation for my future work and also made me realize my love for scientific research. Therefore, I chose to work in the laboratory after graduation. Finally, I wish you a full and interesting life at HKUST.


JIANG Weijie Jervis, Class of 2018
Assistant Technician
Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited

It was a wonderful year during the EHS program, no matter the courses, but also the professors, and all kinds of off-campus activities. The courses contents basically include general knowledge about both biology and environment, which can lay a solid foundation for the coming career life. What I gain most, is the variety of the course exams, from group project to field trip study, from course essay to group presentation, I thus have a significant improvement on my cooperation, communication and team working abilities. Apart from this, professors also help me a lot. They act as mentors in my daily life, and tour guides in my career plan. Last but not least, the fantastic class activities such as BBQ, lunch party, all create a long-lasting friendship among classmates.


HOU Wenyue, Class of 2014
Laboratory Teacher
School of Food and Bioengineering, Xihua University, China

Time flies, as Professor Wang always mentioned in the Marine Ecotoxicology classes.  I have gained much more than just knowledge and practical experience in the past year at HKUST. To all the faculty members, thank you for all the great effort you put in teaching and your valuable advice on my career development. I also feel very lucky to have a supportive group of friends from the EHS program. They always gave me useful suggestions on academic studies and they even taught me how to swim. I enjoyed the time spent with them, it was full of happiness. Now I am so fortunate to be working in my hometown as a teacher. When I give lectures to my students, I will always remember how I was mentored at HUKST.

LEUNG Ho Him (Christopher), Class of 2014
Assistant Environmental Engineer
Sembawang-Leader Joint Venture

I obtained my bachelor degree outside Hong Kong, I didn't know much information about my career pathway in Hong Kong. In this master programme, I have met some experienced classmates and friendly lecturers, they were more than willing to spend their time and share their invaluable working experience and opinions with me. Besides, the lecturers invited some officers from government departments in career talk, which was a really good chance for us to learn from them. In other words, this programme didn't provide us learning materials only, I have also gained some thoughts about my future, they are always ones of my important mentors. 

ZHANG Jingheng, Class of 2014
Research Assistant
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

By taking the MSc course, Environmental Health and Safety, I reap the benefit of acquiring more knowledge, both theoretical and practical, related to our ambient environment and human health. For example, case analyses of air and water pollution encourage me to know more about the science behind the news of environmental pollution and keep myself in a healthy surrounding to some extend. As for my career, EHS provides  good opportunities by offering advanced views towards environmental researches and field trip, such as sewage treatment plant, so that we can achieve more favorable experiences to jobs related to environment. 



KE Xin, Class of 2013
HSE Engineer
Yip's Chemical Group

I have gained practical knowledge and experience in environmental health and safety during my full-time MSc study at HKUST. It helps to advance my career to professional level. Forums and seminars provided by the MSc Program are target-oriented which broaden my horizon. Classmates from different academic backgrounds can get together and become the life-long companion. Memories will stay in my heart forever!


CHENG Chi Wai (Gary), Class of 2013
Ticketing Service Supervisor
Hong Kong Airport Service Ltd

Through the HKUST - EHS Program it had helped me to get a much more in-depth understanding of the environment in relationship to disease, health and safety. Having worked in the airline industry for 20 years, I never knew aircraft has emitted nerve gas and its impact on human health receives great attention recently. My heartfelt thanks to all the professors, teaching faculty and staff who made this successful one-year program a valuable and memorable experience in my life.